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Sage Advice is pleased to share solutions to some of the problems encountered in the support and repair of computers in the Canberra region. This information is provided "as is". Although it should work for you, it might not! If in doubt, don't (or at least back up first!!)

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Windows Vista

Windows XP

Installing XP on Dell Inspiron 1545 - Stop 0x000007B

VET Anti Virus by CA

I'm sure VET is a perfectly fine anti-virus product even if it is short on what are now essential "security" features such as firewall, really good spyware detection etc.

But a few quirks and patchy support are more of a problem.

Recently I had a customer with a HP Photosmart all - in - one multifunction printer/scanner etc.  After replacing Pc-Cillin with VET when the Pc-Cillin subscription expired the Scan button on the Photosmart no longer initiated the scanning software on the PC.  Scanning by launching the software on the PC itself worked fine so the problem was the PC not "listening" to the Photosmart.

Using System Restore to go back to before the VET install restored normal operation. 

The VET support site offered no clues so an email was sent from the address on the VET support page.  This was replied to 5 days later with a badly spelt and terse response stating that "We do not support vet product in this que," (sic). A web address was given as being the correct place to go. Which is where I had been!

A reply to that turned up a response 6 days later admitting that the problem was caused by VET and would be fixed in a new release which is expected mid September.

Their support page does not acknowledge this issue though.

I would expect other devices to be affected, not just HP's Photosmart.

Previous attempts to contact VET support have been similarly frustrating.

Interestingly, I got a "customer satisfaction survey form" before I got any support. Not that the survey had any options to indicate that the issue was not yet opened yet alone closed satisfactorily!



Last modified: June 23, 2009