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Cricket Wickets
This book tells why wickets perform in a certain way, as well as providing comprehensive practical methods for constructing, maintaining and preparing wickets based on sound soil physics.

You find out :

How cricket wickets work
The science of wicket soils
How wickets affect bounce, cut, turn and lift
How to prepare wickets (especially weekend wickets)

This book is the complete book on cricket wickets.  For the first time the science of how wicket soils work is explained by a scientist who has worked his whole life with these soils.  The understanding of these concepts takes away the mystery and much of the myth surrounding cricket wickets.  It is also a very practical guide, explaining in detail how to construct wickets; and how to maintain them and prepare them.  This book is also aimed at the people who prepare and manage the wicket.

The book explains how cracking clay soils work, based on sound physics but expressed in layman's language.  This explanation allows us to understand what happens when the wicket is rolled, how it compacts and later how the soil decompacts itself through the process of wetting and drying.  It also explains why these soils crack and the importance of these cracks.

The book also covers how the wicket soil affects bounce, cut and turn.

Once you have read this book you will look at cricket wickets in a new light of understanding of how it all works.  Cricket commentators will be able to understand why a wicket is performing in a particular way and captains may be able to make more informed decisions on how a wicket will perform.

This book is a must for all those involved in cricket, from the senior administrator down to the volunteer who prepares weekend wickets.

This book covers the following topics :

How cricket wickets work What are peds? 
Why use cracking clays Selecting the correct grass
Irrigation of wicket & outfield Wicket preparation techniques


292 pages  78 illustrations

Published by Horticultral Engineering Consultancy, 5 Brimage Place, Kambah ACT Australia


Last modified: December 21, 2001