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Can not browse network when XP PC connected

When a Windows XP Home PC is joined into a network of PCs which use peer-to-peer networking (ie there is no proper server offering domain services) the ability to browse the network may be lost.  Trying to connect to another PC using Network Neighbourhood or Network Places results in an error "unable to browse the network" or one of a series of messages indicating access is denied.

This behaviour has been confirmed with Windows XP Home PCs joined into a network of predominately Windows 98 PCs with IP address set to automatically assigned.

If the Windows XP PC(s) has a fixed IP address Windows changes a number of settings and this seems to eliminate this issue.

Alternatively (and often preferably) turn on BIOS over TCP/IP.

On the XP PC, go to Control Panel, Network Connections, right click on Local Area Connection, choose Properties. Select Internet Connections (TCP/IP), choose Properties. Click on the Advanced button, Click the WINS tab and check Enable NetBios over TCP/IP. OK out of there and problem should be resolved.


Last modified: January 03, 2008