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Operating Systems
Pentium 4
All computer system prices include GST, pre-delivery check, formatting of hard disk, loading purchased software, delivery and installation on your site within the Canberra area, one-to-one training on your system/software on your site, unlimited phone support for hardware and software, 24 month  warranty and free advice (some items such as printers only receive their manufacturer’s warranty which may be 12 months only, other parts such as screens have 36 month warranty). Third party warranty from United Electric is available at extra cost.

First, choose a price / performance point from the performance comparison shown below.

This uses a comparative benchmark performance assessment, the bigger the benchmark the faster. Note that increasing the price does not always increase the speed!

The CPU is the bit that does all the work, it takes instructions and data and, following the application’s instructions, changes things and make it all happen. The so-called "brains" of the PC. The CPU has the biggest influence on overall performance.

"Dual Core" CPUs are basically 2 CPUs inside one package and can perform more work in a given amount of time whilst drawing less power, and thus generating less heat. "Quad Core" CPUs have 4 CPUs in one package and can, theoretically, do even more work. For example, conduct a virus scan whilst running a web browser with each task getting its own CPU. There is, however, a limit to this depending on the software being used and how well the tasks can be split up amongst the two/four "workers". New software is increasing being written to take better advantage of these features.

All systems have

1Gb DDR2 800 RAM

1440 x 900 19" LCD widescreen

integral 3D graphics up to 128Mb, (shared with system) with 3D support

PCI Express slot for add on VGA card

built in SoundBlaster compatible sound

bulit in 10/100 network adapter

DVD Dual Layer burner DVD+/- R/RW, CD-R/RW, CD-ROM with burning software

1.44Mb Floppy drive,

104 Win keyboard,

6 USB 2.0

ATX format minitower case




Benchmark performance

Price with 80Gb hard disk drive $

AMD Semperon LE-1100 (equal to 3000) 64 bit AM2 CPU



AMD SEMPRON LE-1150 64 bit 1.9Ghz (=Semperon 3400)



Intel E2140 Dual Core 1.60 Ghz



AMD XP64 4000 Dual Core 64 bit



AMD XP64 4800 Dual Core 64 bit CPU



Intel E4500 Core 2 Duo 2.2 Ghz



AMD XP64 5200 Dual Core 64 bit CPU



Intel E4600 Core 2 Duo 2.2 Ghz



AMD XP64 6000 Dual Core 64 bit CPU



Intel E6550 Core 2 Duo 2.33 Ghz



AMD XP64 6400 Dual Core 64 bit CPU



Intel E6750 Core 2 Duo 2.66 Ghz



Intel Q6600 Core 2 Quad 2.40 Ghz



AMD Phenom 9600 Quad Core 64 bit CPU



Intel E6850 Core 2 Duo 3.0 Ghz



Second choose a hard disk upgrade option.

80Gb is included in the base price and is big enough for many users. Storing movies or TV clips may need a larger hard disk drive. A full-length movie is between 3 and 8 Gb. Photographs range from 0.1 Mb (0.0001 Gb) to 1Mb (0.001Gb). Windows XP takes about 6Gb, Windows Vista about 15Gb.


Upgrade to 160Gb SATA hard disk


Upgrade to 200Gb SATA hard disk


Upgrade to 320Gb SATA hard disk


Upgrade to 500Gb SATA hard disk


Third choose an operating system, essential to make anything happen.

The operating system runs the whole PC and co-ordinates everything. It manages the filing of documents, photos etc and applications. It looks after Internet activity and printing. The operating system proper does not include any applications that you can use directly (eg a word processor) but all operating systems come with a range of applications for basic tasks such as web browsing, email, and a basic word processor.

You can use a Linux system which are usually free or low cost. Linux tends to be harder to setup and keep running and a lot of hardware (printers, cameras etc) will not work with Linux. Linux systems usually include a free "open source" set of applications designed to work like Microsoft’s Office products (Word, Excel etc). Sage Advice can source and install a Linux system of your choice but setup costs may apply.

Microsoft’s Windows XP is now replaced by Windows Vista but is still available. XP needs less computing performance and is familiar to many users. It has wide hardware and software support. But support will start to tail off soon and XP will probably be unsupported in about 3 years.

Windows Vista is Micorsoft’s latest system. It has a nice appearance and a few extra features but otherwise does little that XP will not do. Vista works in a similar, but different way to XP. The transition is fairly smooth for many tasks but some can be quite challenging at first. Support for Vista is still patchy. Most recently released hardware (printers, cameras etc) will work properly. Some older models will work after a fashion and many older products do not work at all. The same applies with software. The 64 bit versions of Vista, whilst theoretically faster than the more conventional 32 bit versions, have even more limited support. Look for "Certified for Vista" logos on hardware and software. There is a compatibility checker which can be used on an existing XP system to see if the hardware and software currently in use will make the change. Vista is not recommended on the Semperon systems because the performance is likely to be marginal.


Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (OEM Pack)


Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition(OEM Pack)


Windows Vista Home Basic 32 bit with Windows Defender and Windows Firewall and Instant Search and Windows Internet Explorer 7


Windows Vista Home Basic 64 bit,


Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit Home basic plus Elegant Windows Aero desktop experience with Windows Flip 3D navigation, Collaborate and share documents with Windows Meeting Space, Experience photos and entertainment in your living room, on TVs throughout your home with Xbox 360™ and other devices with Windows Media Centre


Now decide if you would like a bigger screen

Upgrade from 19" LCD to 20.1" LCD


Upgrade from 19" LCD to 22" widescreen LCD



Finally, choose any additional software or hardware.

There is a huge range available and to list it all is impossible.

As a guide, the most popular software, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel etc) is listed.


MSOEM OFFICE BASIC ED 2007 SP2 Includes Word, Excel and Outlook,


MS Office 2007 Home & Student OEM Word 2007, Excel 2007, Powerpoint 2007, OneNote 2007


MS Office 2007 PRO OEM (Word, Excel, Publisher, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook, S/B tools.)


Oh, you might want some extra RAM (memory) especially for Vista.

RAM is used like a desktop, everything the PC reads, writes or gets instructions from has to be in RAM at the time. The bigger the desktop the more things you can have open without constantly shuffling things around – wasting time.

Memory upgrades for Intel or AMD Systems


Upgrade from 1GB Mb to 2 GB




Last modified: December 21, 2001