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Landscape Drainage
There are many ways to build a golf green, ranging from "push up" loam greens to the perched water table sand profiles first developed by the USGA.  There is little doubt that these sand greens, with their gravel drainage layer are superior, and can withstand much higher volumes of play than their predecessors.

In this book we have put together a design package based on good science and very tight engineering practices and tolerances based on the USGA package.  This book also provides the methodology of actually building the green. The construction of a green is an engineering exercise and we should learn from the civil engineers the basic precise tolerance required to make a profile successful.

We have outlined in detail a complete set of processes which have proved successful to at least two highly respected construction companies.  We hope that even if you do not use the same equipment, r do things in a different way, you will adhere to the basic principles.

Probably the most important aspect of a successful green is to choose the correct sand, and that means having the sand tested before purchase.  We cannot impress how important this is.

This book gives the Superintendent who is faced with the task of advising a committee of what is necessary to build a new green of a good standard a lot of basic information.

This book covers the following topics :

Budget considerations Designing a golf green
Sand Profiles for greens Perched water table and capillary fringe
Selecting the correct sand Designing the drainage for greens and bunkers
Designing irrigation for the green Planning the sequence of construction
Setting out the green and the surrounds Stripping and shaping the surrounds
Shaping and building bunkers Shaping the base of the green
Installing sub-soil drains into a green Placing the gravel drainage layer on the green
Placing the sand layer on the green Installing the irrigation
Establishing the grass on the green Oxygenating greens with the turfair system


239 pages  106 illustrations

Published by Horticultral Engineering Consultancy, 5 Brimage Place, Kambah ACT Australia


Last modified: January 03, 2008